Six Hands “Asura” Massage

As if the Asura God with three heads and 6 hands is involved, there is a super relaxing massage that bears his name in his honor.

If 4 hands are not enough and want to enjoy a maximum level of relaxation, just dare to try it.

The Six Hands Massage is one of the less frequent oriental massages, and also one of the most exclusive in our center for reasons you can imagine: relaxation is triple! The perfect synchronization of the movements of three Kamiraku therapists to relax and / or vitalize different areas of the body at the same time, produces a feeling of unequaled well-being. Without a doubt, one of the most unique Kamiraku experiences we can offer you.

Six Hands (Asura) Massage

This special massage is done using the Ayurveda Thai massage technique with oils, but with the incentive that three therapists do it at once, instead of just one, multiplying the perceptions and the effect of soft natural sedation that our Oriental oil massages. The six-hand massage provides the person with intense relaxation thanks to the combined sliding and pressure of six hands and the maximum relaxing effect of the essential oils.

Who is four-hand massage recommended for?

This mode of oriental massage is especially suitable for stressed persons who are overwhelmed by their activity or life events, suffering from nervousness, anxiety, insomnia… But anybody who wishes to feel a full Kamiraku-style relax and enjoy one of the most iconic oriental massages will be fully satisfied if he or she chooses the six-hands massage.

Feel a profound wellness with one of the most complete
oriental massages ever…

And if you prefer a dynamic massage, with yoga-inspired stretches that the therapist will help you perform, take a look at Thai massage’s technique and benefits. You will feel agile and full of life after each session.

Do you still have doubts about our oriental massages? Well, visit us at our massage center in Madrid and we will invite you to a tea before you solve them 🙂

Premium Kamiraku massages: may your inner peace be reflected externally!

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