Kiraku relaxing Massage

Kiraku relaxing massage in Oriental massage center in Madrid

Kiraku relaxing massages, a combination of two types of Ayurveda massage, lead you to a condition of profound relax and full well-being that lets you put aside tensions and focus on the ‘here and now’. In fact, ‘Raku’ is the Japanese word for ‘enjoy’ and ‘Ki’ means ‘with joy’. They are purifying massages based on Hindu traditional medicine which oxygenate, active and purify you by working on your organism from a purely sensorial level.

Combination of relaxing massages Ayurveda Abhyanga + Ayurveda Shirobhyanga 90 minutes

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

The relaxing and purifying properties of ayurveda massage, a technique coming from India, are induced by a cocktail of personalized essential oils and an energetic manipulation of the body structures through rhythmic movements and pressures on key places of the organism.

Kamiraku combinated massages: because sometimes
it is hard to choose just one massage…

The ayurveda massage is not one more exotic massage, but a manual healing technique resulting from the deep knowledge of the human body and psyche that characterizes traditional Hindu medicine. But you must not expect the usual rehabilitation treatment… The sensations you perceive when receiving an Ayurveda massage are a profound body relaxation and an unknown emotional release that some persons claim not to have experienced before.

This is why ayurvedic massage is considered one of the most comprehensive existing oriental massages. As well as oxygenating the soft tissues and activating the blood flow, this massage acts on a series of areas where the energetic and structural body lines interconnect.

Kiraku relaxing massages, a combination of massages exclusive of Kamiraku, act at different level: they purify the body, stimulate the lymphatic system, relax the nervous system and widen the joint mobility.

If you wish to take a break that will take you back to your daily routine with a plus of energy and emotional control, this is the Kamiraku relaxing-massage combination you need.

Center of oriental massages in Madrid, relaxing massages in Madrid

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