Kagura relaxing Massage

Vive un momento con el combinado de Masaje facial japonés, reflexología podal y exfoliación de piernas

If you are thinking about a health, beauty and wellness experience that you can repeat as many times as you need, you might be seduced by the idea of a combination of a Kagura relaxing massage. You can try it exclusively at Kamiraku, getting several results in only one session: deep relaxation, more energy balance, a glowing face and silky legs.

Kamiraku Premium relaxing massages are a combination of oriental techniques specially thought for your relaxation. But… Who is this massage indicated for? It is for women subjected to great tension for different reasons: working overexertion, a close wedding, the burden of family organization… If this is your case (or the case of somebody you want to regale), don´t doubt it, this is your / his massage, in capital letters.

Combination of Japanese facial massage + foot reflexology + leg exfoliation

The experience of a Japanese facial massage has no comparison. In our daily practice, we have realized that many women need an external incentive that brings vitality to their faces and well-being to their skins. This massage is also thought of them, because it relaxes, rebalance (thanks to the foot reflexology) and makes you feel lighter (because of the leg exfoliation and massage).

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

Relajación total con nuestro combinado de masaje Japonés, reflexología podal y exfoliación de piernas

In Kamiraku, our exclusive oriental massage center, this premium service takes an 80-minute session, after which the face is visibly more radiant and glowing, the body is in harmony and a deep general well-being is noticed. An authentic beauty, health and personal comfort treatment in just one session!

The same way it happens in the rest of the oriental massages, the results are always cumulative, and the benefits grow, proportionally to the extension of the treatment.

A specially trained in Japanese facial massage therapist evaluates your face to apply a personalized massage that acts as a natural lifting, “listen to your feet” to apply them the reflexology you need, and relieve your legs exfoliating them down to the knees.

Softness and persistence, the key factors of the techniques of Japanese massage

The Japanese massage is made in all the face, except for the delicate eye contour. The facial massage softly insists on those areas that need it the most: nasolabial fold, glabella, upper lip wrinkles, delicate skin around the eyes, facial oval…

With time ahead (the three techniques that comprise the service take 80 minutes) is possible to softly but persistently treat every little area of the face that needs the external stimulus to reactivate its production of collagen and promote blood microcirculation.

The results on the skin can be appreciable from the first session. Long lasting results can be noticed when applying facial massage regularly (we recommend to start with one session every week or 10 days, and then go on twice a month).

Foot reflexology allows you to get back to the energetic balance in different areas and organs of the body: each foot acts as a natural remote control from which the therapist sends signals to release energy blockage in certain points.

With the additional leg exfoliation and massage, you will have accomplished a well-being routine you will like to repeat.

And if regularity is not one of your strengths, but you want to try this massage as a treat or because an especial event where you want to shine awaits you, do it. You will notice the disconnection and relaxation that the combination of oriental massages provides, and it will serve you as an authentic health, beauty and comfort flash.

*Advice for facial massage: If possible, the day of the massage you should come without makeup nor lotions, without recent Botox fillings and without a beard (because men also deserve a Japanese facial massage to feel good).

Masajes faciales Kamiraku, ¡y deja que tu rostro refleje que te sientes bien!

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