Thai Massage

Oriental massage center, traditional Thai massage

The Thai massage is applied all over the body with a series of vigorous and invigorating movements. The Kamiraku therapist’s technique takes a very active role, in order to revive your body and reactive each point of your locomotive system without any effort on your part.

Thai massage, just like many other oriental massages, manages energy flows in order to rebalance them and reactive those organs where energy has become stagnant. By working on the pathways through which energy travels all over our body (meridians, named Sen the traditional Thai medicine) and the main energy points, Thai massage provides mind and body with well-being and vitality.

The feeling you get after receiving a Thai massage is that of a new body, agile and alive, that helps you to keep on with your daily life in a renewed condition.


A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

Feel your body losing its rustiness and regaining its lost flow after a good Thai massage

How is a Thai massage session?

After putting on comfortable and ample clothes (provided by our center), our therapist will politely ask you to lay on a Kamiraku massage table, especially designed for our customers’ comfort. Its special wideness lets the masseur make a wider range of movements, performed with many parts of her body (hands, knees, legs, elbows and even feet) just as traditional Thai massage demands.

Feel the wellness that follows a stretch-and-pressure session
while lying comfortably on a massage table

The Thai massage consists of a series of stretches and pressures on muscles and joints. There are no oils or massage tools of any kind. The therapist’s skill will make you come out of the Thais massage session fully renewed inside and outside.

Benefits of Thai massage

Thai massage is the right massage to improve flexibility. It also acts on a double mind-body level and provides the receiver with energy and vitality. The application of Thai massage on a regular basis will give you back the vital tone of the second decade of life.

Oriental massage center, traditional Thai massage

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