Thai Massage with oils

Center of oriental massages, Thai massage with oils

Thai massage oils gently relax your body while relaxing your mind deeply. Experience unique moments of evasion and well-being with this traditional massage of ancient origin, which not only lubricates your skin, but also has beneficial effects on your muscles, your circulation and your nervous system. A massage that relaxes and balances.

The masseur’s hands, fingers, elbows and forearms are coordinated in the Thai oil massage, unlocking and clearing. In fact, the massage of oils works the same channels of energy transmission in the body that works the traditional Thai massage: they are the so-called “Sen” lines that run along the body longitudinally and are also considered in traditional Chinese medicine (meridians ) And in traditional Hindu medicine (“Nadis”).

With Essential Oils

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

"A Thai oil massage session revitalizes your body, enhances your skin
And clear your mind incomparably. "

How is a Thai massage oil massage session

We are attentive to all the details so that you feel comfortable and live without haste, as it corresponds, this moment of personal care. No clothes or just underwear, as you feel more comfortable, with a towel that the therapist will alternating areas on your body and lying on a comfortable and spacious table, relax, listen to background music and prepare to experience the Kamiraku experience Of oriental massages that contribute well-being and improve your health.

The therapist pours Kamiraku almond oil into her hands, so that you do not feel an unpleasant sensation of cold. It is an oil of great quality exclusive to all the oil massages of our center specialized in oriental massages. It allows a perfect slip of the hands during the massage and deeply moisturizes the skin. It can be mixed with essential and aromatic oils adding to the benefits of the massage technique those of aromatherapy.

Center of oriental massages, Thai massage with oils

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