Pinda Massage

Oriental massage center Kamiraku, Pinda massage with oils

The pinda massage is based on a natural-therapy combination used since ancestral times which relaxes, harmonizes body and mind and provides flexibility. The warm pindas, full of aromatic herbs and spices, provide heat just where you need it and act as an instrument to exert pressure on blocked points of your body. In a parallel way, aromatherapy displays your organism’s capacity (through the nose) to restore its balance by responding positively to the healing powers of medicinal plants and species.

Treat yourself with a break to enjoy the relaxing Kamiraku pinda massage in our exclusive massage center in Madrid.

Pinda with oils

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

Our pindas (sachets full of aromatic and medicinal herbs) are exclusive for each patient according to their needs, and so is the technique used by our licensed therapists trained in oriental-massage techniques.

What do you feel when receiving a pinda massage?

The perception of a pinda massage is that of full relaxation. The body is previously rubbed with almond-based oil in order to best receive the good effects of the pindas used by the therapist to exert pressure in different places.

Let yourself be taken by the technical knowledge of out therapists, experts in oriental massages, and feel the detox function of this therapy. You will experiment a better quality of sleep and a drop in your stress level.

How are the sachets used in pinda massage?

Pindas are small sachets full of a mixture of medicinal herbs, spices and rice (connected between them by vehicular oil) which also contain essential oils chosen according to the desired effects. This preparation is wrapped in a small artisanal sachet made of natural cotton fabric, tied at the top by a cord, which shows off a singular shape.

Pindas (cold or warm) are used as efficient therapeutic tools for massages. They can contain different preparations according to the therapist’s knowledge, the personalized diagnosis and the desired outcome.

According to ayurvedic medicine, each person belongs to one of these three biotypes: Vatta (“air” or energy in motion), Pita (“bile/fire” or transformation-change) and Kapha (“calm/earth” or connecting element). The chosen pindas are personalized to the maximum in order to respond to each person’s concrete needs, and to achieve the desired therapeutic goal. Some ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, lemon balm, arnica and turmeric are common in pinda massages.

Oriental massages in Madrid, massage with pindas

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