Pinda Massage without oils

Oriental massages in Madrid, massages with Pindas without oils

Pinda massage without oils is applied on your clothed body pushing down with the hot herbal compresses. Pindas are cloth bags filled with heated medicinal herbs. This tight sachets are steamed before being applied. They heal your body due to the heat and the slowly pressing down on the core connections or nerve points of your body, but also due to the healthy effects of aromatherapy. It is a gentle, relaxing and purifying type of massage that allows you to eliminate toxins in a holistic way, just restoring your own balance.

“An unknown feeling of being safe and warmly wrapped, besides the pleasant perception of the essential oils aromas creating a cozy atmosphere… The pinda massage will help you to unplug immediately”

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

In the pinda massage without oils clothes do not allow a deep sliding of the hot poches on your skin. So, this massage emphasizes the effects of pressure and heat, starting with your feet and climbing up the length of your body to reach your neck. One of the main advantages of this massage is that it enables you to go on with your daily routine, as you won’t need an inmediate shower.

Benefits of pinda massage without oils

Many people trust in pinda massage without oils because it calms them with a feel of gentle sedation that lasts. This way, they improve their insomnia problems, reduce their level of stress and warmly release their muscle contractions. In addition, the effects of aromatherapy on relaxation have to be taken into account, as the content of the pindas is rich in herbs and spices. Finally, pinda massage performs as a purifying therapy as it opens every skin clogged pore and removes your body from toxins.

Oriental massages in Madrid, massage with pindas without oils

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