Foot Reflexology

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Foot reflexology relaxes, harmonizes and stimulates you through foot massage, as feet are full of nerve endings highly sensitive to the touch. By using stretches, soft slides and pressure on certain places, Kamiraku foot reflexology activates different parts of your body and mind, achieving an overall and long-lasting feeling of well-being.

Foot reflexology as a remote-controlled therapy

Moreover, this foot-massage technique has therapeutic value and has been used to improve many common disorders since ancient times. It is well known the ability of foot reflexology to achieve remote-controlled results in different parts of the body by exerting pressure in certain reflex areas of the feet. For this reason, we can also adapt this massage technique to treat insomnia, anxiety, migraine and many other common diseases and disorders.

Centro de Masajes Orientales, reflexología podal en Madrid

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

Foot reflexology corrects the energy blockages that prevent you from reaching all your potential…

Foot reflexology is a massage originating from Chinese traditional medicine, based on the same principles as acupuncture as it stimulates identical points but without needles. Through the different techniques used in foot reflexology it is possible to activate the brain, the back or those internal glands and organs which are working slowly or seem to be blocked.

How is a foot reflexology session?

Lying pleasantly on one of the exclusive Kamiraku massage tables, wider and more comfortable than usual; with your clothes on if you wish and a towel over your legs, your moment of relax begins with this foot-reflexology massage which is applied with soft background music. One of the specialized therapists from our massage center in Madrid qill carefully slide a warm or cold towel over your feet (it depends on the ambient temperature) and warm a drop of almond oil between her hands.

Then the combination of slides, stretches and manual pressures on the surface and the sole of the your feet starts… The rhythm of the movements is soft in order to provide you with a pleasant massage adapted to the intensity you find right for you. If you can stand more pressure, the therapist can use a foot-reflexology-specific wooden stick in order to increase the intensity of the massage on the reflex zones.

Center of Oriental massage, feet reflexology in Madrid

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